Ham Tacos with Mango-pineapple Salsa

yield12 portionstotal time18m

Enjoy a tasty and delicious meal with your loved ones. Learn how to make Ham tacos with mango-pineapple salsa & see the Smartpoints value of this great recipe.

What you will need

2 spray(s) cooking spray

20 item(s) gingersnap(s)

2.5 Tbsp unsalted butter cut into small cubes

0.25 cup(s) fat free sweetened condensed milk divided

6 oz WW Whipped cream cheese spread at room temperature

1 large egg(s) beaten

0.5 tsp vanilla extract

0.5 tsp ground cinnamon

0.25 cup(s) packed light brown sugar

0.75 cup(s) canned pumpkin

0.75 cup(s) aerosol whipped cream

0.5 cup(s) mango(es) diced

0.5 cup(s) pineapple diced

4 small uncooked scallion(s) sliced, divided

3 Tbsp cilantro chopped

1 tsp lime zest

4 spray(s) cooking spray

6 oz cooked lean ham coarsely chopped

1 tsp ground cumin

0.75 cup(s) shredded uncooked napa cabbage

4 medium flour tortilla(s) warmed (6-inches each)

(Nutritional facts 202 calories, 11.59 g fat, 19.71 g carbohydrates, 5.7 g protein, 109 mg cholesterol, 249 mg sodium)


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