Home Made Cold Brew


Cold brew is the “it” drink of this summer. Coffeshops make it with a special cold brew kit (dropping a drop of water per second) and home made recipes that I found over the web were not satisfying either, my try outs tasted bitter and the residues were thwarting coffee to appear transparent as it should be. When I just gave up a fabulous barmaid told me the way to do it. He said that they were brewing coffee with ice, so they make it taste better and it looks cleaner.

What you will need

1 Wide-mouthed glass water dispenser

2 meter of cheesecloth

80 grams Kenya or Ethiopian coffee (grounded)

640 milliliters Ice (It should weight 6 to 8 times more that the coffee – for. Ex: for 80 gr of coffee you should you 640 Ml of ice)


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