Homemade Hard Taco Night with Carnitas and Pinto Beans


I put my small deep pan, with a few glugs of EVOO, over the heat for about 10 minutes before adding 1/2 a cup of my diced onion and some minced garlic. I cook this until just softened and fragrant. Th...

What you will need

2 – 2.5 lbs boneless pork shoulder or butt

1 navel orange

1 lime

4 cloves garlic

1 large red onion, diced, divided (about 2 cups)

2 cups chicken stock


1 bunch cilantro

some fresh tomatoes

2 ripe avocados

1 small jalapeno (optional)

12 10″ corn tortillas

oil for frying

sea salt, cracked black pepper, ground cumin

shredded monterey jack cheese


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