Honey Lemon Sage Granita


While I was living in Barcelona, a boyfriend of mine used to invite me for Sunday lunch at his Grandmother's house. Her repertoire of recipes was enviable. After the meal she always used to pick a few fresh sage leaves from her window box, place them in a teapot and add boiling water. The infusion was light, refreshing and, according to her, aided in digestion. She left a little pot of honey on the table for those of us that preferred it a little sweeter. Since I now live in LA, I have adapted the recipe to suite the desert heat and converted into a fresh a invigorating dessert.

What you will need

2 Lemons

2 Pieces of Lemongrass Stalk

2 tablespoons Organic Cane Sugar

2 tablespoons Raw Honey

2 Sage Sprigs

4 cups Water


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