Incredible Italian Ham and Cheese Sandwich


During a visit to Florence, we had as an appetizer coccoli con stracchino e prosciutto which is the beautiful Italian way of saying ham and cheese. This was no regular ham and cheese though. No! Coccoli are these incredible little salty, hot, olive oily balls of bread, and I can never quite get enough of them. They paired with a giant platter of these a plate of prosciutto and a bowl of melted stracchino, a terrific cheese with a great melt quality. In a casual yet highbrow way, you made your own mini ham-and-cheese sandwiches. I don’t like ham and I don’t love prosciutto but I gobbled these down like nobody's business. I can't find stracchino near my home in the US so mixed taleggio and asiago fresco with wonderful results! Buon appetito!

What you will need

4 thick slices good country bread

2 large strips prosciutto (I used prosciutto di san daniele by principe)

2 ounces Taleggio

2 ounces Asiago fresco


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