Korean Short Rib Stew with Dried Jujubes and Chestnuts


I love cooking short ribs until they fall off the bone. The meat is unctuous, soft and fatty. For the stew, I braise the ribs in soy sauce, garlic, ginger and sugar---the mainstays of Korean flavors. Then I drop in carrots, Daikon radish and potatoes, topping off the stew with dried jujubes, roasted chestnuts and shiitake mushrooms. The jujubes, or red dates, add a final touch of sweetness. - hummingbirdap

What you will need

2-3 pounds beef short ribs, bone-in

5/8 cup soy sauce

1/4 cup mirin

3/4 cup sugar

9 cloves garlic, peeled and minced

1 2-inch piece ginger, peeled and minced

cold water to cover ribs

1 small Daikon radish, cut into 1-inch chunks

2 carrots, cut into 1-inch chunks

2 red potatoes, cut into 1-inch chunks

1 cup chestnuts

1 cup dried jujubes, pitted

1 cup shiitake mushrooms, sliced; discard stems

sea salt to taste

2 cups short-grain rice

3 cups water


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