Matzo Brei (rhymes with Fry)


Hardly the “bread of affliction,” as we know from memories of childhood and our most enduring family recipes, matzo makes the Passover meal. From that first bite into a “Hillel sandwich” at the seder table and from soup-to-nuts for the rest of the week of Passover, we feast on matzo, love it or leave it: schmeared, dipped, dunked, peanut-buttered, salted, sugared, horseradished, cream cheese-slathered, chocolate-coated, toffee-topped, caramelized, fried (brei’d), crumbled, fruited, avocado-smashed. Or just plain. Matzo brei for breakfast essentially is Jewish French toast. A comfort food, as easy to make as scrambled eggs. No recipe needed. Take one egg per sheet of matzo (or two if you prefer more scramble than crisp). Crumble matzos and run under cold water until it softens, but not too much. Fry matzo in (plenty of) butter, then scramble in the eggs, keeping them soft. Plenty of salt and pepper; sugar is optional, but sometimes irresistible. Alternatively, a dollop of sour cream adds a nice touch.

What you will need

4 sheets of matzo

4 eggs,lightly beaten

3 tablespoons butter

salt to taste

pepper to taste

sour cream (optional to garnish)


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