Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream


Mint chocolate chip ice cream: even when it’s bad, it’s pretty good. But while the gummy stuff you buy at the boardwalk can leave you sugar-slapped and sluggish, the best versions have a distinctly refreshing quality. It’s all about the sacred combination of fresh, cooling herb and rich, chocolaty crunch. Can eating ice cream make you feel lighter? When it’s a great mint chocolate chip, it can. We make ours stracciatella-style, with delicate flakes of chocolate instead of chunky chips, and heat whole mint leaves to preserve their bright pop of flavor. For an elegant upgrade, sprinkle in vanilla seeds as you cook the egg yolks, though this is an entirely optional (albeit delicious) addition. Once the mixture’s churned—we use a White Mountain freezer, but go with your method of choice—it’s time to drizzle in thin ribbons of melted chocolate that will harden into flakes. Transfer your treat to the freezer for a spell, then take it out and enjoy a dessert that appeals to your inner child as much as your outer adult-of-discerning-taste. Mint chocolate chip ice cream: pretty good when it’s bad, downright spectacular when it’s done right.

What you will need

Vanilla bean seed , from about 2 pods, optional

Mint , leaves, whole


Heavy cream


Xanthan gum , optional

Ice water , for ice bath, as needed

Egg yolk , 10 yolks


Dark chocolate , 70%


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