Mung Bean Detox Soup


mung bean detox soup recipe. green gram soup made in an ayurvedic way to detox the body. One of the easy ways to detox with basic ingredients

What you will need

½ cup of Moong beans/ green gram/ pesalu

3½ to 4 cups water for cooking

1 inch piece of fresh ginger

pinch of cumin seeds / jeera

pinch of Asafoetida / hing (optional) (to prevent bloating)

1 tsp cow’s ghee / clarified butter

generous pinch of monsoon spice mix (equal quantities of Cumin (jeera), dry ginger powder(sonti) and carom seeds (ajwain))

Lemon juice (optional)

Bottle gourd or carrot

occasionaly you can use palak (Indian spinach)


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