Nigerian Chapman Aka African Sangria


Surely, any drink that has a double-barelled reference to men in one word is worth a closer look. Enter Chapman. I assure you that this refreshing cocktail (contrary to the suggestions above) is neither come and go (it is here for ALL seasons) nor unstable in its nature (consistent in how to make it and its great taste). So, I rapidly discard that definition and go for it in all its grace and strength – male and all. And very Nigerian too, think of it as the African version of Sangria. It has soft drinks in the mix - don't let that put you off. If you got served a glass, you would be hard pressed to tell what it was made from! TIPS? You could use fruit flavoured icecubes; Use Grenadine syrup or even Pomengranate syrup instead of the Blackcurrant cordial - the key thing is to get the ‘Chapman red’ colour; swap some or all of the Fanta and Sprite with Ginger ale or Bitter Lemon and swig some Campari into the mix. Finally, choose your garnish - mint leaves, cucumbers, citrus slices. I’ve read of people loving bananas in it. Personally, I’m a cucumber babe but you just might be a Pineapple kinda guy, who knows. Go with the flow and do rock the boat if you must. Expand your horizons and mine.

What you will need

1 litre Fanta Orange

500ml Sprite or 7up

150 -200 ml Blackcurrant cordial/Cassis syrup, or more to taste

Several drops of Angostura bitters

Vodka, Campari, White rum or White beer (optional)

Juice of a lime

Juice of a lemon

1- Juice of a sweet orange

Ice cubes

Cucumber slices, to garnish

Lemon, lime and orange wedges, to garnish


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