Oh-so-simple Sous Vide Cod with Jet-black Purée and Seared Endive


When did you last see a **pristine piece of white fish perched atop a velvety, pitch-black purée and nestled next to some grilled endives**? We’re guessing you were seated in an elegant dining room, wearing that killer LBD and gazing out at a sparkling cityscape with your sweetie. If that’s the case, you may think things like pristine pieces of white fish and velvety pitch-black purées are the exclusive domain of dining rooms like that one, reserved for special occasions. Well, we’re here to tell you that they’re not. In fact, **this dish is so shockingly simple to prepare at home** that we’re going to go ahead and urge you to make it on a weeknight. Now, we don’t know what your weeknights look like, but ours don’t usually involve pristine pieces of white fish and jet-black purées—though we’d sure like it if they did. That’s why we recommend that you whip up the purée (a simple mixture of beluga lentils and easy-to-source squid ink), prep the herbs, and make some Homemade Hidden Valley–Style Ranch in advance—the morning of, let’s say. Then waltz in after work on a Tuesday, throw those gorgeous filets of cod into some sous vide bags, and pour yourself a glass of wine. About an hour later, you’ll be **plating up this elegant white-and-black beauty**, ferrying it to a table of astonished housemates, and savoring tender morsels of perfectly cooked, flaky white fish. Whether you enjoy this experience in that little black dress or a pair of sweatpants is up to you—it’s going to be amazing either way.

What you will need

Beluga lentils


Olive oil , plus extra for cooking and finishing


Squid ink

Salt , plus extra for finishing

Black cod , filets

Homemade Hidden Valley–Style Ranch Dressing

Shallots, as needed

Chervil , fresh, optional, as needed

Flat-leaf parsley , fresh, optional, as needed

Belgian endive

Lemon juice , fresh, as needed


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