Olive Oil Poached Cod


To poach cod, or other fish, in olive oil is a great alternative to simply cooking it in water. The cod is submerged in olive oil and cooks at low temperature, without bringing the oil to a boil. With this technique it is virtually impossible to overcook the cod. The fish cooks slowly and the oil creates a protective barrier that keeps it moisty. Furthermore, it is tastier (you can add the fresh herbs and spices you like most) and allows you to better manage a poached fish meal for a lot of people (you may also use the oven). After you poach the cod you don’t have to throw away the oil. It can be strained, kept in a jar and used later, in this or other recipes.

What you will need

2 loins of dry, desalted, cod

4 garlic cloves, unpeeled, slightly crushed

1 bay leaf

3 springs thyme

Olive oil (I used almost one bottle of olive oil, 75cl)


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