Pig Ear and Potato Salad with Ramps


I think the flavor of ramps in early spring is quite delicate, I like to eat it raw, in a salad. In some Chinese noodle shops (Northern China style shops), they serve a cold potato salad that is not much more than julienned or shredded potato briefly blanched, vinegar, and sesame oil. They also sometimes serve thin slices of cold pig ears (braised) seasoned with soy sauce. You eat these snacks while you wait for your noodles or dumplings. Depending on the noodle shop, sometimes the snacks are the highlights of the meal for me. Bringing these elements together makes a pretty nice salad while you cook your noodles (or anything else) at home. What I have here is more of a method rather than a recipe.

What you will need


Potato (not too starchy variety, Yukon Gold works fine)

braised pig ears*

soy sauce

rice vinegar


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