Prosciutto and Melon (prosciutto Melone)


This is a classic recipe and very popular at restaurants. It is incredibly simple yet elegant. A variation on this dish (one I prefer) is to serve it with figs. The prerequisite for the dish is the best quality melon and prosciutto possible. Then you need to ensure that the ham you are using is fresh and as thin and soft as silk. In Italy at a deli they would cut it fresh for you and you could taste it first to ensure it was not too salty for the sweet melon. My preference is for prosciutto di San Daniele as it is sweeter than prosciutto di Parma. In any case, you cannot substitute cooked ham for prosciutto and try to ensure if you buy the pre-packaged variety, already sliced that the pieces are not too waxy as the texture is as important as the flavour. This dish demonstrates one's ability to select good quality food. To see step-by-step illustrated instructions, please go to this page:

What you will need

1/2 cantaloupe melon, chilled, freshly cut, deseeded, and cut into 4 pieces, rind removed

8 pieces prosciutto, preferably San Daniele


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