Quick Cold-brew Coffee


As its legions of fans will readily attest, cold-brew coffee—with its **low acidity and rich body**—is well worth the 24 hours it usually takes to make. Given the option, however, wouldn’t you rather make it in two? Enter the whipping siphon. Yup, the kitchen tool you use for your favorite aerated pie topping also makes a flavor-packed coffee concentrate (not to mention foams, carbonated cocktails, amazing hollandaise, and, like, so much more). Just pour water and coffee into the pressurized environment of the siphon, chill it, go watch two episodes of Black Mirror or something, filter, and voilà: perfect cold brew. No more waiting until tomorrow for that smooth dose of caffeine-packed goodness—the future, as they say, is now.

What you will need

Coffee beans , whole

Water , preferably filtered


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