Roasted Strawberry Milkshake with Buttermilk and Mint


This recipe is inspired by one from Ashley Rodriguez of Not Without Salt. Please play! Try a different herb or a different sweetener on your fruit. And roast all of your fruit from here on out: I have a jar of these roasted strawberries sitting in my fridge, and I've been putting them in everything. I am a happier person because of it.

What you will need

1 pound strawberries (from the market if you can get them), hulled and halved

3 to 4 tablespoons turbinado sugar, depending on sweetness of berries

Pinch salt

4 to 5 thin lemon slices

1 pint good vanilla ice cream

1/4 cup good-quality buttermilk

Leaves from 3 healthy mint sprigs

Roasted strawberries


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