Semolina and Wheat Leavened Fried Bread Recipe


Whenever I eat 'Chalupa' from Taco Bell, it reminds me of an Indian North Region Staple Bread - Bhaturas. If you look at the picture, they both look so alike and they taste alike a lot too. Bhatur...

What you will need

1 & 1/2 Cup All-Purpose Flour  (All-Purpose Flour Or use ½ cup whole wheat and 1 cup all-purpose flour)

1/4 Cup Semolina  (flour)

1/2 tsp Baking Soda  

1 tsp Sugar  

1/2 Cup Yogurt  

1/2 tsp Salt  

1/4 Cup Milk  (mixed with 1/4 cup water)

1/2 tsp Poppy Seeds  (Optional)

Canola Oil  (for frying)


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