Shirley Temple Black


This is an adult soda or aperitif that is perfect for sipping during the holidays as a counterpoint to rich and heavy food. Truly it could be served any time of year if a very light cocktail is desired. It's sweet but not saccharine, and has a bitter edge that makes it nicely refreshing. It reminds me of a Shirley Temple, but all grown-up! Aperol makes it less boozy than Campari (about 1% vs. 2% alcohol by volume in the final cocktail); either works well. For a non-alcoholic version, freshly pressed pink grapefruit juice would be a perfect substitute. I prefer an added hit of bitters in mine, but let your tastebuds decide for you. Cheers! Note: Thanks to Ryan Magarian, co-creator of Aviation Gin and bartender/mixologist extraordinaire for telling me how he makes grenadine.

What you will need

1 3/4 cups soda water

3 tablespoons Aperol or Campari

2 tablespoons Simplest Homemade Grenadine

1 tablespoon freshly pressed lime juice

2 to 4 drops orange bitters (optional)

Ice cubes

Lime wheels (optional)

1 cup 100% pomegranate juice, room temperature

1 cup evaporated cane or granulated sugar


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