Shrimp Cocktail Martini


Pairing the flavors of a shrimp cocktail with herbaceous gin and dry vermouth yields a playful, surprisingly delicious—dare we say, ingenious?—martini. You’ll have leftover pickled shrimp and tomatoes to make a tasty first course: Simply toss with about 2 Tbs. extra-virgin olive oil and serve with crusty bread.

What you will need

2 cups cherry tomatoes

1-1/2 cups Champagne vinegar

5 Tbs. granulated sugar

4 large sprigs fresh thyme

1 Tbs. prepared horseradish

1 Tbs. coriander seeds

1 Tbs. crushed red pepper flakes

1 medium lemon, peel and white pith removed, sliced crosswise into 6 pieces

Kosher salt

1 lb. extra-large shrimp (26 to 30 per lb., preferably wild-caught), peeled and deveined with tails left intact

12 fl. oz. gin (1-1/2 cups), preferably Bluecoat

6 fl. oz. dry vermouth (3/4 cup), preferably Dolin dry


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