Spicy Chocolate-covered Tortilla Chips


I’m not exactly known as “Ms. Manners” in my circle of friends—the f-bomb somehow floats into pretty much every conversation I have (multiple times), and I am the QUEEN of the Irish Exit at weddings. I’m definitely not the most traditional lady. But there is one tradition that I’m die-hard about. One that just seems unacceptable not to do. And that’s bringing a host/hostess gift. Whether it’s an old pal letting me crash in her extra bedroom when I’m traveling or a new friend having me over for a dinner party, I’m bringing something for the host and it’s got to be good. My go-to was Vosges Haut-Chocolat’s Red Fire Chocolate-Covered Tortilla Chips. They were the most perfect gift ever: organic tortilla chips (before organic was a thing) housed in a well-designed little tube, drenched in chocolate, and dusted in ancho and chipotle spices—pretty much the dream combination of salty and sweet. They were THE coolest which made me look the coolest bringing them. Notice I used the past tense when describing them. Because Vosges stopped making them. Poof. Gone. I felt lost without them. What was my new go-to hostess gift going to be? And more importantly, would I ever be able to have this dreamy treat again? F-bomb. Over time, I ended up finding a new go-to hostess gift (which I’d rather not reveal in case you ever invite me to a party), and last week I got in my kitchen and figured out a way to have my favorite treat again. This snack requires only a few ingredients and doesn't take much time to make. If you want to dull down the spicy factor a little, throw in some cinnamon or skip the spices all together and sprinkle on some coconut shreds. No matter what you do, I think you’re going to dig these guys. And don’t forget to bring me a batch the next time I let you crash on my couch.

What you will need

1 teaspoon ancho chile powder

1/2 teaspoon chipotle chile powder

1 cup roughly chopped chocolate (I used a combination of dairy-free chips and a dark chocolate bar)

20 tortilla chips, the thicker the better (I used Frontera Small Batch Taqueria chips)


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