Spicy Greens Detox Smoothie Recipe


Spicy Greens Smoothie is very low in sugar, high in anti-oxidants and has good immune-boosting nutrients. Chia seeds make this smoothie a good source of omega-3's as well. Specially when weather tr...

What you will need

50 Grams Kale  (5-6 kale leaves, remove hard stem or use baby spinach)

1 Cucumber  (peeled)

2 Celery  (2 long celery stalk)

1/2 Jalapeno  (seeds removed)

50 Grams Cilantro  (about a handful, fresh leaves including stems)

1 Lime  (juice of one lime, about 1.5 tbsp.)

1 tbsp Chia Seeds  (optional. If using, soak in 1/4 cup water for 20 minutes)


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