Split Pea Soup in Slow Cooker Recipe


It's official! Soups are ON in my kitchen. Starting Monday with slow cooker split pea soup.I was so eager to share my favorite Split Pea Soup recipe with you that I decided to post few hours early....

What you will need

3-4 Potatoes  (red baby potatoes, small diced)

1 Cup Split Peas  (split, dried green peas)

2 Celery  (about 1/2 cup, celery stalk, small chopped)

2 Carrots  (about 1/2 cup when small chopped)

1 Leek  (washed, thin sliced)

2 Garlic  (cloves, rough chopped)

1/2 tsp Oregano  (dried leaves)

1/2 tsp Cumin Powder  

4 Cup Vegetable Stock  (*or water)

2 tbsp Lime  (juice)

Salt and Black Pepper  (to taste)

Parsley  (fresh leaves, chopped, for garnish)


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