Strawberry & Banana Power Smoothie


A beast of a recipe from my eBook, this Strawberry & Banana Power Smoothie is ideal for refuelling after a good workout as it provides a good serving of protein and carbs. I like to use frozen strawberries to add volume as fills you up, and keeps hunger at bay, making this great for a meal replacement. I've also included some nutritional powerhouses in the form of peanut butter, dates and the awesome superfood Flax Seed. If you're interested in the nutritional profile, check out the full recipe on my website.

What you will need

100 milliliters skimmed milk

50 milliliters water

75 grams banana

50 gallons fat free greek yoghurt

20 gallons dried, pitted dates

1 teaspoon ground flax seed

2 teaspoons sugar free chunky peanut butter


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