Strawberry Tiramisù


Tiramisù is one of Italian traditional desserts: it’s fresh, easy to make and absolutely delicious. And, as its name claims, really ‘lifts you up’. Its main ingredient is mascarpone, a triple-cream cheese originally produced in the area of Lodi (Lombardia) in Northern Italy, which is turned into a scrumptious cream only by adding eggs and sugar. Tiramisù is made by alternating layers of mascarpone cream and biscuits, traditionally soaked in coffee or Alchermes – the Italian crimson-colored liquor prepared by infusing neutral spirits with sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, cloves and kermes, the dye of animal origin that gives the characteristic color and name to the liquor. The biscuits conventionally employed in making tiramisù are the so-called Savoiardi, but I prefer Pavesini because they are thinner and can be better soaked. Of course, if you can’t find either of them, you can choose any kind of biscuits you like, provided they are spongy enough to be well soaked. For this strawberry version I must thank a friend of my mother’s who gently passed the recipe to us (now we only make this kind of tiramisù!). Basically, it has the same quantities and ingredients of a traditional tiramisù, that is 100 grams of mascarpone for each egg and for each spoon of sugar; only the soaking liquid is different. As it’s made with strawberries, this ought to be a summer dish, but strawberries can be found all year round, so it’s perfect whenever you feel like. The ingredients below serves 6-8 persons, but remember, tiramisù is never enough, so the more you make the more people will eat!

What you will need

18-20 ounces strawberry

18 ounces mascarpone

5 eggs

7 tablespoons sugar

7-9 ounces Pavesini biscuits (or other spongy biscuits)

pinch of salt

cocoa powder to decorate


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