Summer Entree Peach Salad


This summer peach salad is a favorite at Seven Lions, and now you can make it at home. A perfect combination of those can't beat summer flavors.

What you will need

1 piece Peach, Sliced Thinly

1/2 cup Fennel, Shaved Paper Thin

3 large handfuls Mixed Summer Greens

1/4 cup Peach Vinaigrette

1/4 cup Toasted Almond Slivers

1/4 cup Nice White Cheddar

1 small pinches Salt

1 small pinches Black Pepper

2 cups Peach Purée

1/2 cup Golden balsamic

1/2 cup Champagne vinegar

1 tablespoon Colemans mustard powder

2 ounces Shallots

2 ounces Honey

1 teaspoon Salt

1/2 cup Basil

4 cups Canola Oil


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