Swiss Chard and Anchovies Pie


This pie makes a colorful and a tasty starter or a delicious main dish. The crust is made ??with brisee dough while the filling is prepared with Swiss chard, first boiled, then sautéed with anchovies and mixed with fresh ricotta cheese. This is a superb combination of flavors. Swiss chard is native to southern Europe where it grows spontaneously. It belongs to the same family as beets and spinach; its bitterness fades when cooked, leaving a more delicate taste than spinach. Like all dark green vegetables, it contains large amounts of vitamin A, fiber and folic acid. It is a low-calorie vegetable and is therefore a perfect choice for a weight-loss diet, especially if eaten boiled and dressed with oil and lemon. Furthermore this tasty vegetable can be a nutritious addition to pasta (see pizzoccheri ) and soups!

What you will need

Brisee dough (see

22 ounces Swiss chard (leaves)

2 garlic cloves

5 ounces ricotta cheese

3 tablespoons olive oli (Extra Virgin)

Salt and freshly ground pepper


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