The Ultimate Chapati Cheat Sheet


The perfect chapati recipe - pro secrets to make chapati easily, round and even and beautifully fluffed.

What you will need

Whole wheat flour (atta) – a small bowl for the dough + some separately for the rolling

Water – 1/2 cup or so, for the dough

Wide container – for kneading the dough

Tava and tongs – for the cooking (see step D for pictures)

Make a firm straight stroke, putting a little more pressure near the circumference than the center.

Turn the flattened dough at different angles and repeat the stroke.

If you start to feel the dough sticking to the base, sprinkle some (very little!) atta to it on both sides.

When you’re nearing the size and thickness you want (I keep it around 7 inches in diameter), make sure that the dry atta on the chapati has been more or less used up. If any remains, brush it away.

Don’t let the rolled out dough to stand for long else it’ll lose moisture. Have the tava ready.

Heat the empty tava for a couple of minutes. Then set the flame to medium.

Place the raw chapati on the hot tava gently in the center, making sure there are no folds. Let’s call the side being heated first side1.

Twist side1 a couple of times so that it cooks evenly. Turn the chapati over before black spots start to form, again making sure there are no folds. Depending on the thickness of the tava and the intensity of the flame, this will take around a minute.

Heat side2 for twice the time as side1. This side can become almost fully cooked directly on the tava. Twist it as you did with side1.

When side2 is nearly done, use the pincers to pick up the chapati, turn the flame on High and place side1 directly on the flame. Note the sides, the sequence is important!

If all has gone well so far, the chapati will swell. The moment it swells completely, turn it around and place side 2 on the flame for 2 seconds. Keep flipping the chapati over if you want it toasted more, else remove.


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