Tiramisu (coffee, Chocolate and Mascarpone Trifle) – Friuli Venezia, Dolci (des


Categories: Quick and Easy Tiramisù literally translated means “pick me up” in Italian. Tiramisù is a relatively new dessert in Italy, having been created in the 1960’s by Roberto Linguanotto, a pastry chef in Treviso. It is an extremely popular dessert and features on most Italian restaurant menus in Italy and abroad. It is quite easy to make and requires no cooking so is a nice dessert to make when the weather is hot.

What you will need

500 milliliters espresso or strong coffee which you like the taste of

155 grams caster sugar

40 milliliters rum, vin santo, amaretto, coffee liqueur, or sherry

30 savoiardi / lady’s finger biscuits

8 eggs, carefully separate the white from the yolk and keep in separate containers covered with cling film until room temperature

750 grams mascarpone cheese, room temperature (you can substitute cream cheese but you will need to add 45 gms more sugar)

1 vanilla bean

70 grams chocolate, shaved or grated or just cocoa powder for dusting


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