Torta Pasqualina Recipe (italian Easter Spinach, Ricotta and Egg Torte)


Originally from the northwest coastal region of Liguria, this savory torte (torta salata) has become part of many Easter (pasqua) meal spreads throughout Italy.

What you will need

Pasta per Torte Salate (torta dough) -- 1 recipe

Olive oil -- 4 tablespoons

Spinach -- 2 pounds

Ricotta cheese -- 1 pound

Parmigano Reggiano cheese, grated -- 3/4 cup

Scallions, finely chopped -- 3 or 4

Fresh marjoram, finely chopped -- 1 tablespoon

Nutmeg, ground -- a big pinch

Salt and pepper -- to taste

Eggs -- 7


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