Trini Style Caribbean Potato Salad


Growing up in Trinidad & Tobago this was a favorite for me and the whole family. typically served with Bar-B-Qued Chicken or Beef or Lamb and along with Vegetable Fried Rice and fresh Water Cress. We would often wash it down with "Lime juice" (Lime-aid) or Lemonade. VARIATION: some folks would add freshly crushed Habanero peppers or finely chopped Bird Pepper (small chillis).

What you will need

3 pounds (6 large) Russet Potatoes

1.5 pounds (3) large carrots

1.5 cups (10-12 oz CAN) green peas >drained and washed

2 large hard boiled eggs

2 cups real mayonnaise ( about 5 heaping tablespoons)

2 stalks fresh chive >finely chopped

2 teaspoons black pepper

2 teaspoons raw brown sugar

2+1 teaspoons table salt

4 leaves fresh Shado Beni (Recao) (you may substitute Cilantro)

4 sprigs fresh Thyme (or fresh oregano)


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