Tuscan Sweet Focaccia with Grapes (schiacciata Con L’uva) Toscana


Categories: Kids *without rosemary, Vegetarian, Healthy, Dairy Free, Season: Autumn This sweet bread is traditionally made during the grape harvest season in Toscana. It is quick to make but requires some advance preparation to allow the dough to rise.

What you will need

45 milliliters extra virgin olive oil

1 branch rosemary (optional)

2 grams biga (additional recipe)

400 grams white bread flour

170 grams granulated sugar

5 grams salt

150 milliliters water

2 eggs, room temperature

55 grams butter, room temperature

1 orange or lemon zested

1 kilo black or red grapes, washed, removed from the stem, and seeded, if necessary


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