Vegetarian Brazilian Bean Stew


Feijoada is undoubtedly the most typical Brazilian dish. There are several legends about the its origin, but according to scholars, it comes from Portugal, where it was made using white beans, meat and vegetables. The Brazilian version is a little different and got famous worldwide for its strong and delicious taste. It’s always a good idea to serve it on Saturday or Sunday, since it’s such a heavy recipe. I mean, no one can work and digest all the pork at the same time! But this vegetarian version takes the guilt of eating all that fat out of the picture and can be served easily during the week :-) Besides being lighter, it’s also cheaper and easier to make. There is no meat to submerge in water for days, nor several parts of pork to be bought. As the ingredients are so different, I completely changed the process, cooking the vegetables and the beans separately and putting them together in the end. And it didn’t let me down! I ended up not using all the typical side dishes, since it turned out to be quite a complete meal. But feel free to use whichever you want!

What you will need

500 grams black beans

2 carrots – chopped into sticks

3 potatoes – chopped into sticks

2 onions – chopped finely

350 grams green beans – chopped into sticks

1 eggplant – chopped into medium chunks

3 cloves of garlic – smashed

2 tablespoons smoked hot paprika

3 bay leaves


Salt to taste

Cassava (or yuca) flour

Stir fried kale


Slices of orange


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