Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe, Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna


Vegetarian lasagna with spinach, shiitake and cremini mushrooms, ricotta, Mozzarella, and pecorino cheeses.

What you will need

1 1/2 pound cremini mushrooms, roughly chopped

1/2 pound shiitake mushrooms, roughly chopped


1 generous cup of chopped onions

1/4 cup olive oil plus more for keeping the noodles from sticking to each other

4 cloves garlic, chopped (about 4 teaspoons)

1 6-ounce can tomato paste

2 cups tomato sauce

1 28-ounce can crushed tomatoes (I recommend Muir Glen brand with added basil)

1 cup water

1 Tbsp dried thyme

1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes

1 Tbsp sugar

2 10-ounce boxes frozen chopped spinach, thawed, squeezed in clean towel of excess moisture

1 lb lasagna noodles (16 to 20 noodles)

1 15-or-16-ounce container of ricotta cheese

1/4 cup chopped fresh basil

1/4 pound pecorino cheese (or Parmesan), grated (about 1 cup)

1 pound shredded mozzarella cheese (about 4 cups)

Special equipment needed: 1 large casserole pan, preferably 10x15-inches


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