Warm Mustard Potato Salad


Some foods are best at their simplest, and potato salad is most certainly among them. We like ours with a healthy amount of tangy mustard and are not shy about tossing some room-temperature butter into the mix. Vinegar lends more tang, and **homemade mayonnaise amps up the flavor**—though you can always use store-bought in a pinch. Season with a little salt and pepper, then sprinkle with fresh minced chives, and you’ve got a great side dish to serve alongside juicy chicken breasts or pork chops. Alternatively, you can chill the salad in the fridge and bring it along to your next tailgate party or neighborhood potluck. Crack a beer, kick back, and savor an uncomplicated, deeply comforting dish.

What you will need

Japanese (Kewpie-Style) Mayo

Fingerling potatoes

Mustard, whole grain


Butter , unsalted, room temperature

Chives , minced


Black pepper , ground


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