Warm Potato Salad with Spring Ramps


This is my go-to side dish recipe when serving lamb. When the legacy contest was posted a few weeks ago, this was my mother's first recommendation. When I didn't make it at Easter because I was doing ham instead of lamb, there were cries of foul, but I never post my menu ahead of time...they'll just appreciate it more next week. If you are lucky enough to tramp around for the wild ramps (wink. wink ; to mrslarkin), then keep an eye out for some lavender buds and throw those on the lamb. If you are just "tramping around" the market, stop in the fresh herb section. When you get to the potatoes, you can substitute any variety of baby potatoes, I like the baby yukons but have substituted what is available. Plan on 3-4 potatoes per person. Any leftovers (doubtful, but still...) make an excellent hash base the next morning.

What you will need

12 baby potatoes, I used baby yukons

1 bunch ramps (out of season substitute green onions)

olive oil

kosher salt and coarse pepper

1 rosemary spike

6 greek olives

1 ounce aged parmeseano-reggiano, shaved

1 bunch pea shoots


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