Whole Wheat Dough for Grilled Pizza


It was pretty groundbreaking when my mom first made pizza on the grill. It sounds like something you'd need a fancy pizza stone or brick oven to accomplish successfully, but with her method (she just flops the dough straight onto the hot rack), you can achieve both nice grill marks and a crisp crust worthy of your favorite pizza joint. The only requirements are a great dough recipe and a sturdy spatula. This dough was adapted from my spent grain bread recipe, so it's tried and true and promises to live up to your highest pizza expectations. You can easily multiply the recipe's ingredients in equal ratios to invite the entire neighborhood and throw a killer pizza party (we like to call it pizzapalooza.)

What you will need

533 grams whole wheat flour

267 grams all-purpose flour (plus more as needed)

4 grams yeast (if letting it rise 1 hour, otherwise double if using dough immediately)

20 grams kosher salt

20 grams sugar

560 grams water

Olive oil, as needed


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