"working Girl" Coffee Custard


Remember the scene in the wonderful Melanie Griffiths-Harrison Ford-Sigourney Weaver movie wherein Tess (Melanie Griffiths) is explaining to Mr. Trask how she (and not the evil Sigourney Weaver) came up with the idea to have Mr. Trask buy radio stations .... "See, this is Forbes. It's just your basic article about how you were looking to expand into broadcasting, right? Okay now, the same day, I'll never forget this. I'm reading page six of the Post, and there's this item on Bobby Stein, the radio talk show guy who does all those gross jokes about Ethiopia and the Betty Ford Center. Well, anyway, he's hosting this charity auction that night...real blue bloods, and won't that be funny? Now turn the page to Suzy, who does the society stuff, and there's this picture of your daughter ... see, nice picture. And she's helping to organize the charity ball. So I started to think, 'Trask, radio...Trask, radio.' And then I hooked up with Jack, and he came on board with Metro, and...and so now here we are." Well, having read saenyc's "Black Gold" recipe for cold-brewed New Orleans-style iced coffee, and then reading how chef Ferran Andria makes "ice cream" by pureeing frozen fruit with sugar and yogurt, I started to think cold-brewed coffee, yogurt, ice cream ... cold-brewed coffee,yogurt, ice cream .. and so now here we are. Sort of.

What you will need

1 cup heavy cream

1/3 cup espresso beans, ground, but not too fine. In fact, pretty coarse.

1 shot Kahlua

2 tablespoons simple syrup, or more to taste

1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt

Toppings of choice: sweetened cocoa powder, toasted coconut, crumbled chocolate cookies


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