Zesty Poached Pear in Cardamom-wine Syrup


As I note in my profile, I am a terrible baker. For this week's theme I wanted to bake something for dessert with cardamom. Well, last night I tried to bake orange zest-cardamom scones, great flavor combo I thought. So I began to mix the ingredients in my food processor, but realized I had no eggs and it was too cold to go outside to get any from the store. Being the non-baker I am, I just used water instead of the egg...well it turned out just as you thought, badly! The scones did not rise and I was left with nothing. I then moved on to a dessert that required no baking, poached pears...one of my favorite desserts. This recipe is so very easy and such a beautiful winter dessert. Hope you enjoy! I promise, one day maybe I will become not only a chef but a baker as well.

What you will need

4 Bartlett Pears, Peeled and Cored

1 750 ml Bottle of Reisling

1/2 cup Brown Sugar

1 Cinnamon Stick

1 Vanilla Bean, Split

1 cup Apple Cider

1 tablespoon Green Cardamom Pods, Lightly Crushed

Zest from 1/2 Meyer Lemon and Juice

Palmful of Mint Leaves, Chopped

1/2 cup Dried Currants


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