Filling Wall Holes with Soap!

Quick and cheap way to make wall holes disappear

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Video made by Gustavo Published on 6/15/2016, viewed by 1732 , 11 Comments

What you will need

White soap

Paper towel

How to do this project


ompletely dry.

Get a soap and break it down in smaller pieces, make sure the soap is not completely dry.



clean the surface


Fill the wall hole with soap by compressing and modeling it. No need to worry about getting smooth results, the imperfections will blend in with the wall texture.



Here's the result, no holes anymore! Yay!


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Rafael Sanches6/15/2016 ☰
Thank you so much for sharing!! I will try this in so many places! ?
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Chassity Dickson7/26/2016 ☰
It's very cheap and inexpensive to just get painter's Putti or spackling and just do it the correct way. In the long run that's the best option
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Rafael Sanches avatar
Rafael Sanches7/26/2016 ☰
Chassity, do you need to paint over painters putty? Can you post a project if you happen to use it? The soap is a great option for people leaving a rental an needing a quick fix if they don't have time to run to home depot. 👍
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