2x4 End Grain Cutting Board

2x4 End Grain Cutting Board
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Anthony Brauer Published on 5/19/2018, viewed by 485 , 2 Comments

What you will need

wood of your choice




table saw

finish of your choice

How to do this project


Rip all lumber to an even length and width


Glue up the lumber to will need depending the size of board you want to make


Once dried, rip the board(s) so you end up with strips made from the different boards. Rotate each strip so the end drain is face up.


Glue all strips together once again. Once dried, cut to length and width sand and finish


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Rafael Sanches5/21/2018 ☰
great job! i want to make one of those to make our cooking videos look nicer
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Tim. Wilson7/16/2018 ☰
Was wondering how the 2x4 end grain cutting board has held up? Thanks for any response, Tim
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