Another Coat Rack Made From Recycled Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Recycled kitchen cabinet doors take 2

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Stan Glover Published on 11/05/2016, viewed by 2729

Well, i enjoy building my woodworking projects from recycled materials and there is no better feeling, for me at least, than to reuse something that would have otherwise been destined for landfill or burn bin.

What you will need

Use 2 cabinet doors joined at the middle with pocket screws

Pocket screws

Coat hooks / wood pegs

Keyhole hangers

Lumber cutoffs to build crown, sides and shelf

How to do this project


Using maple cutoffs to match the door material, cut and route a simple crown molding. Attach with brads and glue


Add a plank at the bottom of the joined doors that will hold the coat hooks and shelf. Attach the plank to the upper door structure with pocket screws


Design, build and attach the sides that will hide all the joints


Attach coat pegs and keyhole hangers at the back


Paint the completed assembly




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