Scrap wood project

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Jay Forget Published on 04/03/2017, viewed by 3569 , 1 Comments

Had some leftover scrap wood from building the deck and Easter is approaching 🐰 so I decided to cut the scraps and make this basket... big hit 😉

What you will need

Scrap wood. glue. Finish nails, brads, or staple gun.

How to do this project


All pieces are the same... 1x1's with a 45° angle on each end... I believe it took 38 of them, 6" long... you will just have to figure out the arrangement yourself 😉 gotta keep ya thinking...


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Josh Lee
04/03/2017 ☰
Looks great bud thats a good concept for a lamp shade as well! Itll throw out some funky light designs ha
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