Bay Laurel Coffee Table

Live Edge

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raymond gomez Published on 08/21/2016, viewed by 751 , 4 Comments

What you will need

Live edge wood

How to do this project




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Rafael Sanches
08/21/2016 ☰
Hi Raymond, thank you so much for uploading such amazing and inspiring project! Would you be able to update it with the finishing oil you used and the sanding grits? I mean, all materials? It will help other people to quantify the amount of work!
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Shawn Mcdonald
08/22/2016 ☰
Very nice, what products did you use to seal it?
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Rafael Sanches
09/06/2016 ☰
Hi Shaw. I'm not the uploader, but it looks like arm-r-cell or some oil based polyurethane. That product is nice because it creates a very thin layer of protection and doesn't change the color way too much.
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