Butcher Block Sewing Treadle

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Jonathon Hicks Published on 08/09/2019, viewed by 1685 , 0 Comments

This is a very easy, quick, and still beautiful piece that is relatively inexpensive.

What you will need

3 Untreated 12' 2x4 (Regular)

1 Untreated 8' 2x4 (Red Oak)

Electric Hand Planer

Sewing Treadle Base

Wood Glue

Circular, Mitre, or Table Saw



How to do this project


Use the planer to flatten the narrow sides of all the boards for the table top.


Cut the boards into 6", 12", and 18" lengths.


Scorch the pieces of wood to the desired look (only the regular 2x4s, not the red).


Spread the wood glue on each surface that touches another board. Place the glued blocks together on a flat surface with the intended top of the table face down. (I used a piece of plywood for the flat surface but a piece of cardboard would have been much more efficient in the long run.)


Remove the block after the glue has adequately dried (over night probably) and sand away any glue that seeped through the cracks. Check for any gaps and fill them with a wood glue/sawdust mixture.


Sand the surface flat and even.


Use a torch on any scorch spots that the sander may have removed. Then, very lightly, sand it again.


Cut off the uneven end pieces. (A table saw would be ideal, but I made a guide with a 4x4 and used a circular saw.)


Apply the finish of your choosing. (I used Teak Oil.)


Attach the sewing treadle.


Add any kind of flare that you see fit. (I used a piece of ornamental moulding and eight brass corner guards.)


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