Cat Tree

Very basic

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My wife was tired of the dog chasing the cat and this was a good and cheap solution. Overall wood and other material's cost 60 dollars great compared to 2 to 3 hundred at the pet store.

What you will need

1/2 sheet of plywood

2 2x4x8

2 inch wood screws

6 90 degree shelving brackets

3 yards of carpet

How to do this project


over pieces for the shelving

Cut plywood into 3 matching sized squared for your platform. Use your left over pieces for the shelving


Next cut your 2x4 down to desired height i went with 4 feet. I did this process twice. I double up the 2x4 for extra support.


Next screw your base together using 2 inch screws. I used left over pieces of wood for the feet on the base.


Assemby the top box with quarter inch trim and screw together.


. Add on the the top box when finished.

Screw the 2x4 into the base using angle brackets to help support the weight. Add on the the top box when finished.


Assembly the 2nd shelf by using plywood scraps and short pieces of 2x4. Mine were 22 and 18 inches.


Get your knife ready and trim carpet to fit over the areas.


When finished grab the cat and see if they like it i had to lure mine in with catnip spray.


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