Cedar Countertop

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Video made by bobby Published on 12/17/2018, viewed by 2062 , 5 Comments

I wanted something that no one had!!!

What you will need

4) 1x8x12 cedar

4) 1x8x6 cedar

1) 1x4x12 cedar

2) sanded plywood

2 gal famowoods glaze coat epoxy

How to do this project



Tongue and groove cedar countertop with a glaze coat finish


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Rafael Sanches
12/17/2018 ☰
beautiful work! great job
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12/19/2018 ☰
That turned out great 👍
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Armands Berzins
12/21/2018 ☰
Nice work, but one thing i would do differently. Those small counter top "panels" i would screw or glue on the bottom, so it looked like one solid Block. Otherwise awsome job.
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