Challenge Coin Display

Challenge Coin Display
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Justin Published on 12/2/2016, viewed by 892 , 3 Comments

Challenge coin display (100+). With drawer and nifty felt inlay to personalize.

What you will need

4/4 poplar, +12"

4/4 mahogany or sapele, +8"

Hardware of choice

Finish of choice (Danish & Lacquer)

How to do this project



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denzel12/2/2016 ☰
geez! that's awesome professional stuff! ..looking forward to see more of your work! - en
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Rafael Sanches avatar
Rafael Sanches12/2/2016 ☰
Amazing work! Love the professional setup and finishing. Do you sell these? - en
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Renato Peterman avatar
Renato Peterman12/7/2016 ☰
Awesome work! Thanks for sharing. - en
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