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Video made by Chris Published on 04/28/2017, viewed by 2596 , 2 Comments

I made this project to be used at my upcoming wedding this November. This will hold pens/markers for my guests to use when they sign the guestbook. I made this out of mahogany and white oak. I used 4 pieces of mahogany and 2 pieces of white oak because that is what I had on hand. It's a simple project that looks great on any desk or work surface.

What you will need

Mahogany​ about 3/4"x6"x3" two pieces

White oak 3/4"x6"x3 2 pieces

Wood glue

Drill press with 2" forstner bit

How to do this project


Start by cutting the wood to the rough length and width that you want your pen holder to be. Make them all a bit longer and wider than needed to allow for trimming it up.


ral hours.

Apply glue to all the joining surfaces and face glue them together for several hours.


Scrape off excess glue and trim the stick to it's finished dimensions


t) to make it easier on the larger 2"  forstner bit.

Drill the hole. I started with a smaller bit first (1" forstner or spade bit) to make it easier on the larger 2" forstner bit.


Sand it smooth inside and out. I used a drum sander on my drill press to clean up the hole and finished it up by hand.


Apply your desired finish. I just used the basic Minwax satin polyurethane with no stain.


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Rafael Sanches
04/28/2017 ☰
Amazing!! Please share more.
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Joe Osiel
05/03/2017 ☰
Love it!!!
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