Cutting Board

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walnut and red oak cutting board

What you will need

titebond III

mineral oil

How to do this project


you can use any wood of your choice. i chose walnut and red oak. cut out all your pieces, can choose length of your choice. widths i used were 2 30mm pieces of red oak and 2 pieces at 60mm also of red oak. the last 3 pieces of walnut are 25mm


make sure all edges are straight so there are no gaps when you glue


place down 2 clams and place your pieces on top of the clamps and make sure you are flipping grain patters and dry fit


glue all the necessary edges with titebond III glue as it is waterproof and then clamp together, place another clamp to the middle of the board. leave in clamps for up to and hour


after an hour you can start machining, plane to desired thickness then sand. i used 100,120,150, then 180 to finish


i added a chamfer but you can do whatever you want to the edges


once done i coated the board in mineral oil



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