Exotic Wooden Rings

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Woodcraft Chris Published on 11/06/2016, viewed by 2670 , 4 Comments

I want to share these rings that I've been making. I was originally making them all by hand but I recently purchased a lathe, which has made the process much easier. When making these you will be drilling into the face grain. The method I use is to start with a forstner bit to cut the inside of the ring and around the outside with my scroll saw. I then move over to the lathe and slide it onto a tapered spindle to contour the edges and sand. Finish them with super glue and wet sand to polish.

What you will need

Some sort of hardwood (the harder the better) I like to check the janka hardness scale and pay close attention to the tightness of the grain pattern

How to do this project


What I've used to figure out the ring sizes.


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Rafael Sanches
11/06/2016 ☰
Looks Great! Can you share the entire process next time you do them?
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Woodcraft Chris
11/06/2016 ☰
Thanks Rafael. Yes I can, these are already made obviously but I think it would be cool to take pictures and maybe even videos step by step. Do you have an example of what you see as a great tutorial type post you're ultimately looking for? Nice app, I've had it downloaded for months but just opened it for the first time. I will definitely be using it regularly now. Thanks again.
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Laura Flores
12/05/2016 ☰
Cool! This is really cool. My friend bough a wooden ring from Mexico the was made the way you describe and I fortunately it broke along the grain, I'm not sure if u have come across this issue. Any how I actually made 2 rings with veneer, they are strong if u wanna give that a try!. I also have an etsy store http://etsy.me/2gagk0h 😊
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